Hydropath Technology
Hydropath Technology

Installation Instructions

The HS38 device should be installed on the pipe that brings cold water into the heating system.

The type of pipe and its material are not important.

The pipe for installation must be part of the domestic system with constant flow of water; it may not be an unused pipe.

If the device is installed outside the house, it must be protected from moisture.

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1. Thread the pull tie through the rectangular slot so that it wraps around the pipe. Turn the screw until the fastener is tightly secured onto the pipe.

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2. Place the upper part of the HS38 device on both of the clips on the fastener and press lightly until you hear a locking sound.

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3. Place the bottom part of the HS38 device under the upper part by inserting the bottom part onto the track of the upper part of the HS38 device.

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4. After connecting both parts of the HS38, remove the safety in the bottom part of the device.

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5. Insert the plug of the power supply into the device (into the outlet on the upper side of the HS38 device).


Safety Instructions

Ensure that the plug is connected and plug the power supply into an electrical outlet (220V). Please ensure that the control light illuminates upon plugging the power supply into the outlet.

In the case of disassembling the device (after having assembled it), replace the safety first in order to prevent damage to the device.

Be careful not to drop, disassemble or damage the device. Physical damage to the device is liable to malfunctions not covered by the warranty.

Do not pull out the safety in the bottom part of the device before both parts are completely connected. Doing so is liable to damage the device to an extent that is not covered by the warranty.

Make sure the pipe on which the HS38 is attached is completely dry. Do not allow the HS38 device, or any of its parts, to come into contact with a location that is exposed to water, properly covering and protecting it.

Keep the power supply away from heat sources and water.


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